Featured Product: Sacred Path Mother's Day Box

Looking for a timeless gift that captures the sacred path of motherhood? 

At the heart of this gift box is a small twig nest holding a single gemstone egg (or add additional eggs to symbolize more than one child) This symbolic nod to those who hold and nurture is also accompanied by a copy of our award winning gift book, “Lit from Within’ a tale that embodies motherhood with both moving prose and gorgeous watercolor images on every page. Completing this gift is a guided ritual with tools and instructions to complete a blessing to honor the sacred path that motherhood brings.


When the Journey Changes...

The Companion of Light Box

  This gift set has been procured with tools and treasures that will bring peace and meaning to those facing transition. It is the perfect box for anyone facing loss, retirement, or unexpected change.

Includes, 'Will You Dance?' the award winning book that tells the story of three hooded beings, named Change, Loss, and Fear, who appear on the doorstep of our world. Although they are the visitors that none of us want, we learn that they bring gifts that nothing else can provide. To hear a sample of the audio version of the book click on the button below.


When Faith in the things of This World falters...

The White Stone Heart Box

At the heart of this gift box is the critically acclaimed non-fiction book, Halfway Across the River. This true story teaches a powerful lesson about the power of love to transcend the distance between life and death. Heartwarming, funny, and thought provoking it is a tale that brings both laughter and tears. Follow along as the dying Margaret Borwhat makes a death bed promise to her loved ones that she will find a way to send a message from the other side. Shortly after her death a mysterious event involving a white stone heart sends Dr. Childs and Margaret's grieving husband Don on a years long journey that would leave their lives forever altered. To watch a video excerpt of one the stories in the book click on the button below.


When we want to honor the moments...

The Tiny Rituals Box

Though  diminutive in size,  this little box carries big medicine with the pint sized treasures that it holds.  An ideal yet understated way to honor, celebrate, or release those pivotal moments that quietly move through our lives.

To Order Any of our Rx for the Soul Gift Sets Click on the link below.


When the Journey Begins...

The Blessing Box

This is the perfect way to celebrate new life. At the heart of this prescription box is the award winning gift book, ' Lit from Within' - a lyrical work of visionary fiction that tells the story of how we each arrive into the world with a guardian of the light at our side. 

This beautiful tale reminds us that we are all born with an inner light that will carry us through our lives when we know how to fan the flame... It includes everything you need to create a beautiful and very personal blessing ceremony. To see more, click on the link below.