Medicine for the Soul

What if you could put Hope in a box or bottle up Wisdom and take it with you everywhere you went?  Here at Rx for the Soul we believe that when Wisdom is given a container it becomes a medicine we can apply in our daily life. 

Because where there is Hope there is Light and where there is Light there is a Way...

Why choose an Rx for the Soul Gift Set?

Rx for the Soul gift boxes are companions of light on the path of transition. Because these kits have been curated by a leading expert in the field of loss and transition- each Rx for the Soul gift set really is like Soul Therapy in a Box. When life shifts, whether it is a joyful change like the birth of a new child, or a painful transition such as the loss of a loved one- there are Universal themes that play out in the human psyche. Rx for the Soul Gift Sets acknowledge and celebrate this. There is great healing value in learning that our personal experiences are simply one facet of a universal journey that we all take. 

What's Inside?

Each themed kit arrives in a beautiful keepsake box and contains one of Dr. Childs' award winning gift books paired with tools and treasures that can be used in a ritual. Rituals are very personal and unique, so you will be given a rough guide but encouraged to use the tools in ways that feel right to you. Why? Because, you know your own truth, and when we feel witnessed in that truth, we are able to begin moving forward with Grace.

Yikes! I don't know how to do a ritual...

Each kit includes a ritual guide written by Dr. Childs. The guide will help you get started, but rituals are deeply personal and should reflect the nuances of your life. Follow our guide and your heart, and you cannot go wrong.

Can I mix and match items to create my own unique Gift Box?

Yes! Please contact us directly for more details.

What is Your Return Policy?

Returns will be honored within 30 days from purchase. For lost or damaged items please contact us.

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