Stone Madonna Blessed Crystal Gift Set


Stone Madonna blessed Crystals are unlike anything else you will find in the world of healing. Each crystal has been infused with the energy of a tiny stone figure called the Stone Madonna.

Decades ago, as a young woman facing a personal dark night of the soul, while walking on the beach, I sent a sincere prayer for guidance out to the universe. Just as my prayer was released, a little stone emerged from the sea and landed at my feet. It was an exact replica of the female hooded figure of lore that I had been inexplicably drawn to my entire life. My home was full of statues and paintings of her, I had a tiny tattoo of her image on my body, and a small pewter icon of her had been the centerpiece on my prayer altar for the length of my spiritual life.

That day on the beach, my choice to send a prayer to the heavens was not unusual, but that little stone tumbling out of the ocean and landing at my feet was. That day, I knew without a doubt, that the protective female presence I had always sensed was near me, was not only nearby and listening to my prayers, but could directly respond to them as well.

In a moment, that realization changed my life--- and that moment has continued to unfold into a deeper and more profound relationship with this benevolent, shrouded female presence that I have come to know as the Stone Madonna.

As soon as she arrived in my world, miracles came with her. The very first of these were two photographs that were taken on the beach that day that she arrived. They showed unexplainable visual anomalies; dozens of opalescent orbs of light surrounding me and my children, and an apparition of a hooded female figure standing over us.

In the years after the Stone Madonna arrived in my life, I began placing small stone hearts and crystals near her on my altar. I would then give these away as gifts to those in need. It soon became apparent that these stones and crystals held an energy that brought peace and healing ( and even miraculous events ) to those who received them. (I wrote a multi-award-winning non-fiction book about one of these Stone Madonna related miraculous events.)

I began to study how energy transfers take place and was amazed at the science behind this process (start with the work of Marcel Vogel if you are interested in learning more) and then began creating small batches of blessed crystals to share with others.

Each Crystal is placed on a prayer altar with the Stone Madonna and remains there until beginning the journey home to its owner. It is a living object that brings with it guardians of the light that belong to you.

These energetic anchors will bestow peace and healing on those who are blessed with their presence. They can be placed in your home to invoke serenity and protection, held in your hands to bring grace during times of duress, and made part of your daily prayer or meditation practice

My hope is that you receive the energy of this blessed crystal into your life with the same sincerity that it is being offered. It is a beacon to guardians all around us, and a conduit to the divine feminine which holds us all.

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