Will You Dance?

Will You Dance?, published by the Wandering Feather Press, 2002, a metaphoric story of loss, fear and life’s deepest challenges. Accompanied by exquisite original watercolors, Will You Dance? tells the story of three hooded beings, Change, Loss and Fear, who eventually pay a visit to each of us. A beautifully crafted metaphor, this work has become a well-loved companion to those seeking meaning during difficult life experiences. Hardbound Padded Cover, 144 full color pages

Winner of the 2002 Benjamin Franklin Award, the COVR award for Best Visionary Fiction, 2002, and of Best New Age Book, 2002. 


Lit From Within

Lit from Within tells a story of inspiration and comfort that begins on the day of our birth and follows us through to the quiet days that come at journey’s end. It is a reminder of what we sometimes forget- that we are children of the Universe, and that we are here not just to exist, but to spread our wings and find our light. Hardbound, 128 full color pages

Winner 2010 Benjamin Franklin Silver Medal


Halfway Across the River

Halfway Across the River, published by the Wandering Feather Press, 2007, is a compilation of fascinating stories that detail Dr. Childs’s nearly twenty years of work with the dying. Centered around coffeehouse conversations between Dr. Childs and skeptical grieving widower Don Borwhat, Halfway Across the River chronicles the life changing communication Don received from his deceased wife shortly after her death. This afterlife encounter turned Don’s world upside down and sent him on a journey of self transformation. The book describes Don’s evolution  as he begins to expand his world view under the careful tutelage of Dr. Childs whom he has nicknamed  the Godwoman. With humor, uncommon insight, and a gift for storytelling, author Dr. Childs reaches into her years of bedside experiences to help Don find his way in the  expansive new world that befalls those who have experienced an afterlife encounter such as his. Perfect Bound, 212 pages.

Winner of the Nautilus Silver Medal,  Honorable mention, Best Non-Fiction Work, in the 2008 London Book Festival, Finalist for the 2008 Eric Hoffer Excellence in literature award, and received the Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal Award