Prescriptions for Healing created with the Art of Sacred Story Telling, the Science of Depth Psychology, and the Symbolism of Ritual  

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       The Doctor

For over 25 years, Dr. Childs has been bringing her unique form of Soul Medicine to seekers the world over. A natural born intuitive, she has been a student of the Wisdom Traditions for the length of her life. Her inspired style of teaching and writing has earned her critical acclaim from both the literary and academic worlds. She is an Award Winning Author, a leading expert on Grief and Loss, and a gifted Healer of the Soul. 


The Medicine 

Like 'Soul Therapy in a Box',  these Gift Boxes embody the Art of Sacred Story Telling, the Science of Depth Psychology, and the Symbolism of Ritual - the perfect way to deliver a dose of healing straight to the Soul. Each themed Gift Box elegantly honors a pivotal life event- the kind that arrives and leaves us forever transformed. 

The Prescription 

Whether transformation arrives though Change and Loss (The Companion of Light Box), the arrival of new life (The Blessing Box), or due to one of those unspoken moments that require us to make a space for celebration or release (The Tiny Rituals Box) - surely one of these exquisitely curated gift sets contains just the medicine you or your recipient needs.

Free Spring Equinox Guided Ritual


 Sacred Path Mother's Day Gift Box

Looking for a timeless gift that captures the sacred path of motherhood? 

At the heart of this gift box is a small twig nest holding a single gemstone egg (or add additional eggs to symbolize more than one child) This symbolic nod to those who hold and nurture is also accompanied by a copy of our award winning gift book, “Lit from Within’ a tale that embodies motherhood with both moving prose and gorgeous watercolor images on every page. Completing this gift is a guided ritual with tools and instructions to complete a blessing to honor the sacred path that motherhood brings.


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